Mississippi Scholastic Shooter Program Registration and Waiver

    I confirm this is the correct grade level as of 9/1 of the
Current School Year
   I agree to follow all MDWFP rules, terms, and conditions

  • The Four Basic Firearm Rules are ALWAYS in effect at all MDWFP events:

  • All guns are always loaded! Treat them that way!
  • Never let your muzzle cover anything you’re not willing to destroy!
  • Keep your finger off the trigger ‘til your sights are on target!
  • Always be sure of your target!

  1. Ear and Eye Protection - Required by everyone on the course - shooters, coaches, parents, spectators, and range personnel. No exceptions!
  2. Actions Open - Automatic and pump guns must have their actions open at all times, with the barrel pointed up, when walking or riding. The ejection port will be facing forward, to be visible, when carrying the shotgun. Over/under shotguns must be carried over the shoulder, with the barrel in front controlled by the hand on the barrel and pointed down.
  3. Slings and Straps - Slings and straps attached to the shotgun are NOT allowed at any MDWFP shooting event.
  4. Vehicles - To operate a cart/golf cart or any ATV, the operator must have a valid driver’s license and meet all requirements of the host club to operate any vehicle onsite. All guns will be transported in a vertical position, while on vehicles.
  5. Muzzle of Shotgun - The muzzle is to be controlled and pointed in a safe direction at all times. The shotgun’s muzzle cannot be rested on any part of the body, including but not limited to, the foot area, chin, hand and arm.
  6. Footwear - Open-toed shoes, such as flip-flops/sandals, etc., are NOT allowed at any MDWFP sponsored shooting event.
  7. Shooters Can Load 2 Shells Maximum - Do NOT load your shotgun, until you are within the confines of the shooting station/platform, with the barrel pointed down range. Load only TWO shot shells at a time and do NOT step off of the platform, until your gun is unloaded!
  8. Hunter Education Requirement - All shooters must have completed a Hunter Education Program to be eligible to shoot in any competition.
  9. Disqualification - If any of these rules are broken, it will result in shooter(s) being disqualified. No exceptions!

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